Takahiro Miyazaki

Takahiro Miyazaki

Dreams We Share Featured Artist Takahiro Miyazaki

宮崎 隆睦 (Sax,Flute,Akai EWI)

兵庫県神戸市出身。13才から Sax を始め、16才には地元のジャズクラブ等で活動を開始。


1998年にT-SQUARE に加入。その間にボズ・スキャッグスのジャパンツアーや国内アーティストのツアーサポートなどに参加。2000年T-SQUARE脱退、ソロとなる。

様々なセッションワークやレコーディング等に加え都内をはじめ各地でもレッスン、クリニックも行っている。2004 年ユニット”A.O.I.” でアルバムを、そして 2006 年ポニーキャニオンより初のソロアルバム”Nostalgia”をリリース。2020年ハーモニカ奏者リー・オスカープロデュースによる2枚目のソロアルバム”Love means…More than words can say”をリリース。


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Takahiro Miyazaki (Sax, flute, Akai EWI)

Takahiro Miyazaki started piano at age 8, picked up the saxophone at age 13, and became active with local jazz groups at age 16.

After graduating from university, he spent three years at Berklee College of Music in Boston and had opportunities to perform with Natalie Cole and Nat Adderly.

Miyazaki first met and developed close friendships with members of the group T-Square in New York. Later, after his return to Japan, he became an active T-Square member himself. In the period leading up to that event, Miyazaki performed with the Boz Scaggs Japan Tour as well as with domestic artists touring Japan.

In 2000 Miyazaki left T-Square and launched his solo career. In that capacity, he has performed extensively in session work and recordings and has held regular lessons and clinics in Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kochi.

In 2006 released “Nostalgia,” a solo album on the Pony Canyon label.

In 2020 released latest CD “Love means… More than words can say” produced by Lee Oskar.

Miyazaki has attracted a broad following of saxophone fans with his powerful yet soulful tone.

Official website: http://www.miyazaki-sax.com

Twitter takahiro_miya
Instagram miyazakitakahiro

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