Love Means (CD) – Takahiro Miyazaki


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The album “Love Means…More Than Words Can Say” by Takahiro Miyazaki

Complete Album – CD Format: Digipak CD Release
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Love Means – Takahiro Miyazaki
01 - Love Means - More Than Words Can Say
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02 - So Much In Love
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03 - You & I
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04 - Straighten Out That Line
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05 - High Horse
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06 - Japan Blues
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07 - Song For Ray
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08 - In The Pocket
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09 - Lavender Song
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10 - Those Sunny Days
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11 - Soulful Prayer
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12 - Before The Rain
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Takahiro Miyazaki, famed saxophone player from Japan plays Lee Oskar’s compositions.

Produced By: Lee Oskar
Engineered & Co-Produced By: Brandon Busch

About Takahiro Miyazaki

Takahiro Miyazaki started piano at age 8, picked up the saxophone at age 13, and became active with local jazz groups at age 16.

After graduating from university, he spent three years at Berklee College of Music in Boston and had opportunities to perform with Natalie Cole and Nat Adderly.

Miyazaki first met and developed close friendships with members of the group T-Square in New York. Later, after his return to Japan, he became an active T-Square member himself. In the period leading up to that event, Miyazaki performed with the Boz Scaggs Japan Tour as well as with domestic artists touring Japan.

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